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Aka Noah get’s a halter

well folks it’s been some time since I posted anything. It’s been a pretty stressful few months, on the plus side things can only get better. After suffering from lingering pain in my shoulders, I just had to do something about walking with Noah. After months of being haled all the way to the park, walks were beginning to become a bit of a pain.  As you may know Border Collies just don’t take to being on leads. Overall Noah is a pretty good dog, but not when he’s in such a rush to get to the park and play his favorite games of chasing balls, frisbee’s and whatever else he can find. So after some advice Noah and I took a trip to Pets at home and purchased a halter. Considering Noah is now over the age of 2 and never had anything put over muzzle, he did so good (I’m actually quite proud of him). The shop assistant actually said he should be a model (got quite a few shots of him doing this, one for another blog). So we have been doing a bit of training. Take a look at how cute he looks.


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Bath time

Oh no it’s that time again when your dog is dirty/smelly.

Do not let them in the house only joking. Wipe off excess dirt with an old towel. Handy if you keep one by the door. Before you go out.

“What do you mean I can’t come in”

Leave your dog by the door as you, go and run a bath. Do not be tempted to let them in, no matter how loud they protest.

Noah protesting at being kept at the door!

Prepare the bathroom. Run a warm bath, not too hot, not too cold. Use old towels to line the bathroom floor (you don’t want any accidents – either by you slipping or your dog).

Prepare the bathroom, ensure you use lots of towels

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Dirty Dirty Dog!




What a hectic week it’s been. Glad it’s Friday. Decided instead of a long walk I would take Noah down to the playing field not far from where we live, to play ball. Big mistakerunning around playing wasn’t a problem, until I said “It’s time to go”. I walked away saying goodbye – usually he comes running. Oh no not tonight, when all I really wanted to do, was get some shopping, have my dinner and put my weary legs up. Not Noah he then decided he was thirsty and preceded to find a mud hole, not only did he drink from it, he plonked himself down in it. Continue reading

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I’ve decided to start up this blog for my dog, Noah, who’s just about to turn two years old! I know it’s a bit sad, but hey… nothing better to do! It’s mostly going to be pictures, videos and updates of what the little runt is getting up to – and, if you’re lucky, there might be the occasional guest post from my daughter!

Noah is a Border Collie who is very unique and has distinctive features – he has one brown eye and one blue eye. There’s no one in the park who is quite like him! He loves nothing more than a game of frisbee or chasing a ball and, if they’re not on-hand, a plastic bottle! and swimming. He loves cuddles and a good belly rub.

You should believe that the Border Collie is one of the most intelligent of the dog breeds there is. Very easy to train as long as you remain consistent in your approach, as they never forget anything and won’t let you forget either..

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