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A bucket full of memories

For the past couple of days, between work, going out on walks with Noah – I have been looking at all of Noah’s puppy photos and video’s and can’t believe how much I actually have. What fun memories have sprung back into my mind. Think that’s why I love taking photos so much – capturing beautiful times together. I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone. I so love being part of Noah’s life – just wish I had become a dog owner years ago. Doesn’t matter how hard a day you have, just coming through the door and being greeted puts a smile on your face, and after a walk & play – you feel better about things.

This is one of many favourite photos of Noah, taken while I was having a bath.

and here’s me thinking it was only the kids that didn’t give you peace to take a bath.

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Birthday Toys

Did someone call my name?

Celebrating Noah’s 2nd Birthday.

Noah having a good rummage around

Noah having some fun with his new toys. Despite working all day and cycling the 10 miles home, I was ready for some fun too.

Although this is a tug toy, it won’t be used much for that. It will be a throw and retrieve. What Noah wants to do all the time.

 Noah’s New Toys

This one I found later in the bathroom. Goodness knows why he took it in there.

A game of Peek-a-boo!

A happy smiley Noah!

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