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Have you got a difficult situation that you would like to change

Have you got a difficult situation that you would like to change

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Christmas thoughts

Ready for santa coming

Ready for santa coming

Stressful day today went to the printers, the present for my niece (a 12×10 print of a horse with a frame….had my name chopped off halfway through my surname. Ended up going and buying another frame and making a border and signing the border… it actually ended up looking better than the original frame. (lesson for today never get your name printed on your photographs unless you really perfect it. Have slowly been getting used to using photoshop (so much more to learn) plus for the last 3 prints I ordered the wrong size 7×5 instead of 8×6. (got the calenders mixed up….did some at 7×5 and 2 others as 8×6). I just ended up using them. One was ok as it was for the front cover, but one for my brother 2 of the months have smaller prints. Continue reading

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Phew made it to December

can’t believe its December all ready, how time passes by so quickly. I feel I’m not ready for Christmas. However fingers crossed I will manage to get everything done in time. I have managed to get some xmas shopping done, (more to follow today, pity it is now raining). all the cards made and signed. Calenders almost ready, boy that was pretty stressful. Trying out photoshop, finding it a bit complicated. Took me ages to pick out the prints I wanted; choosing different photos for people, editing, and putting a watermark on them only for the shop to chop most of my photos, editing out my name. Thought it was me so did some more editing, only for them to do the same thing, rendering most of the photos un-usable (Now I was getting mad, assistant completely useless) happy to get a refund but not happy that they held on to all my prints (I knew it was the fault of the printer). So I ended up going to another place that was recommended. Continue reading

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Oh what a week indeed

Just back from a little holiday with Noah up in the Scottish Borders – but that’s for another blog when I have time to sort through the many photos I took while I was there. We also had a little traveling problem and i will update you all soon I promise.

One thing I will say while I was away with no internet and no mobile phone, how wonderful it was to be unreachable it was no me, surrounded by hills, forests  a big river and Loch- which Noah loved playing and swimming in. A wonderful reflection time. It has been a very stressful time, these past 18 months, that I’m pretty sure is causing all the health problems I have been having. After a few days off pure bliss just me & dog, I’m feeling refreshed although my legs and feet are a bit achy from all the walking that I did.  Just hope they don’t give way as I have a salsa congress this weekend in Jersey.  I’m sure Noah is feeling the same, as he didn’t want to go out for a walk yesterday. Don’t get me wrong, I did miss my daughter, but it was nice to have sometime on my own. Now that I have updated my blog, I really must get to bed, I have an early morning flight to catch, I will keep you all, posted of my time there and of course show you my photographs.  After all it’s not just Noah that gets to have adventures. His owner needs some too.


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Live like a dog!

Woke up this morning very early I may add – curtsy of my 2 nieces, with their little noses almost touching mine, with little whispers off  “We’re hungry”. How sweet, makes a change from Noah’s wet runny nose. What a beautiful sunny morning, the sun is shinning so brightly. It makes a lovely change, as for the past few days we have had rather a lot of wind and rain. The 1st thing I did, well after I fed the little hungry mites, was going on the computer checking emails and then logging onto Facebook. I came across this little post, well I just had to click and carry on reading. I thought I would share this with you all.

Story time again [Must READ] from powerful affirmations. Continue reading

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Quote of the day

Quote of the day

So true

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stressful day

Although I don’t like to teach Noah bad habits, I think teaching him to do this would be well cool; especially to the bus driver who was so rude to us on the way to work Friday morning.

I was running a little late, not feeling so good and the thought of having to be on the bus for an hour to get to work wasn’t my idea of  fun. Don’t get me wrong, I love having Noah with me and he loves going to visit my brother; but some bus drivers are a pain in the ****.
Continue reading

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Hello’s & Goodbye’s

Saw this and just had to share it. It makes me think of Noah. From a very early age (Well as soon as he was old enough to jump on the bed) – he likes to sit on my bed and watch me go out the gate. It has become a habit for me to turn round – blow a kiss and wave. I thought I’m sure all my friends think I’m mad. Until one day when 2 of my friends came to visit and when we all left the house together. They too turned round, looked up at the window and waved. One of the friends said “did we really just wave to Noah. Yip even they can’t resist waving too. My daughter has admitted that all her friends do the same.

He will often be at the window when I return, this makes me smile and I wave. He will come down to the garden as I put my bike away in the shed. After a hard day at work, it’s nice to sit down with a cup of coffee and Noah will come and snuggle into me for a cuddle. So no matter how hard the day has been, or how tired I feel – It cheers me up. Who would have thought just how therapeutic having a dog would be.

Let me know your thoughts,send me your comments on how you say hello and goodbye to your pets. :).

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Thought I would share this quote that I came across.

So all you animal lovers out there, when your having a bad day – remember when you open your hearts to animals – YOUR A SPECIAL PERSON!

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