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Update on justice for Cody

For anyone who read my last blog dated 2nd September about Cody the Border Collie who was doused in lighter fuel and set alight, has sadly lost the battle. Image

almost 2 weeks ago this brave Girl suffered terrible burns. I can’t imagine the pain she went through. I was willing her to survive. She showed tremendous courage. I followed her story on her facebook page, she continued to go downhill since the start of the weekend. The family received the sad news that Cody just didn’t have any more fight in her and the vets did all they could. I feel so sorry for the family. This was a young dog that had many years of a good and happy life ahead of her. It makes me so angry that people can commit such a heinous offence.

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Justice for cody

Spent a lovely day yesterday with my 2 adorable Nieces, Noah was spoilt with lots of attention which he loves. All was quiet late at night, everyone was sleeping peacefully. I was on Facebook when I saw this was on my news feed.

About a 3-year-old Border Collie called Cody, who was doused in lighter fuel and set alight.  In Maghaberry on sunday 26th august

Who could do such a thing? Thugs doused family’s border collie in lighter fluid and set it alight in horrific unexplained attack

  • Cody, 3, was so badly burnt its ribs and joints were visible
  • Owner failed to recognise it as it limped home across a field
  • Police hunting for two young suspects in connection with the brutal attack

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