Phew made it to December

can’t believe its December all ready, how time passes by so quickly. I feel I’m not ready for Christmas. However fingers crossed I will manage to get everything done in time. I have managed to get some xmas shopping done, (more to follow today, pity it is now raining). all the cards made and signed. Calenders almost ready, boy that was pretty stressful. Trying out photoshop, finding it a bit complicated. Took me ages to pick out the prints I wanted; choosing different photos for people, editing, and putting a watermark on them only for the shop to chop most of my photos, editing out my name. Thought it was me so did some more editing, only for them to do the same thing, rendering most of the photos un-usable (Now I was getting mad, assistant completely useless) happy to get a refund but not happy that they held on to all my prints (I knew it was the fault of the printer). So I ended up going to another place that was recommended. Continue reading

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stressful day

Although I don’t like to teach Noah bad habits, I think teaching him to do this would be well cool; especially to the bus driver who was so rude to us on the way to work Friday morning.

I was running a little late, not feeling so good and the thought of having to be on the bus for an hour to get to work wasn’t my idea of  fun. Don’t get me wrong, I love having Noah with me and he loves going to visit my brother; but some bus drivers are a pain in the ****.
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A bucket full of memories

For the past couple of days, between work, going out on walks with Noah – I have been looking at all of Noah’s puppy photos and video’s and can’t believe how much I actually have. What fun memories have sprung back into my mind. Think that’s why I love taking photos so much – capturing beautiful times together. I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone. I so love being part of Noah’s life – just wish I had become a dog owner years ago. Doesn’t matter how hard a day you have, just coming through the door and being greeted puts a smile on your face, and after a walk & play – you feel better about things.

This is one of many favourite photos of Noah, taken while I was having a bath.

and here’s me thinking it was only the kids that didn’t give you peace to take a bath.

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