Birthday Dog

Well today started off good, I woke in good spirits and sang Happy Birthday to Noah, he looked so cute curled up in the corner of the bedroom. Noah is a very fidgety doggy. Sometimes he lies at the bottom of the bed  (usually waiting for me to put in an appearance), in his own bed (he also has one in the living room: which he hardly lies on) in the corner of the room, by the hall, or in my daughter’s room. So I suppose he has many areas he considers to be his resting place. Decided to leave the pressie opening until I returned home from work (oops, hadn’t even wrapped them) – well I didn’t want him to see his new toys get excited and disappoint him when I really had to get a move on for work. Noah was spending the day with my daughter. He had a great day playing in the garden and going for a nice walk to the park. After work I couldn’t resit going to the shops and picking up another couple of toys, sausages (which he loves), and a new bone. Noah was excited to see me, and even more excited when he saw the bag of pressies. All-in-all I think, from a dogs perspective, it was a pretty fabulous day! And, from me, I love him more each day and think of the many more birthdays that I will be sharing with my mad collie. I can’t believe it’s almost 2 years since he entered in my life (first time as a dog owner, or mummy as I like to think of myself). Noah was a bit wary of the candle in the bone (well, really what doggy wouldn’t be?) I thought it was more appropriate than a cake (Oh god I’ve turned into one of those mad loopy owners). Oh well at least I’m not as mad as one owner that I seen in the shop. Really, what person walks around with a buggy with a DOG in it?! No seriously, I’m not joking. The dog wasn’t injured, or looked ill in any way. I had to have a second look. Okay you’re ‘not meant’ to stare, but I couldn’t help it. Next time I might see it with a dummy in its mouth.

Right, I seemed to have went off the subject of Noah’s birthday! After Noah opened his pressies (with some help from us humans), he enjoyed having a play with his new toys. He got new tennis balls (let’s see how long they last), a tyre rope thing, a bone rope thing and another rope toy with 2 balls on it (he’s gonna have great fun running and catching them)! I think the tyre rope is gonna be his favourite – he kept on choosing to play with it out in the garden. Noah can choose from 2 toys presented to him. He will sit and, when I name the toys and ask which one he would like, he will look to the one he wants and put his paw on it (pretty cool I think, he mastered this at the cool age of a few months). I don’t do a lot of training but from time to time I like to play games, let him think for himself instead of me dictating what we play with, and present him with some challenges from time to time. He had a little training time going through the tunnel (mastered after a few tries a couple of days before).

After a couple of treats and dinner Noah went and lay in the hall a very happy contented dog. Think all that excitement was too much…


Noah and his birthday Bone

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