About Noah

The day we met Noah for the 1st time

Noah was born on the 14th August 2010. He has 4 sister’s and 1 brother. His Father is a purebred KC registered Black & White border collie, his Mother is a Purebred Border collie (her coat mainly white), although the owner didn’t have papers for her. We didn’t care as we weren’t looking for a showcase dog.  We just wanted a loving family pet, to share our lives.

We decided we wanted a boy before going to view the puppies, and almost instantly we fell in love with Noah. He came almost instantly over to us. so you could say – He choose us. We went home thinking of what to call this new little puppy. My daughter chose Noah – named after Noah Bennet the actor in Heroes.

Noah came home to live with us 2 weeks later.

Noah means:  Biblical Name Meaning – rest, peace – Hebrew Name Meaning – Comfort; long-lived; repose.

Look at those cute puppy paws

well Noah does not live up to his name. Now that he is older we have to put his toys in a box with a lid as he wouldn’t give us any rest or peace otherwise. He always wants to play and learn new things.

What Noah was like as a puppy:

Noah settled into our household very quickly, slept almost through the whole night. Took him a little while to learn the rules of the household. He had the usual traits of a collie of going for your feet as you walked past him. Our socks accumulated many holes in the process.

Foods he liked:                      porridge, apples, carrots, puppy chocolate
Foods he disliked :               Banana’s
Activities he liked to do:  Frisbee, any kind of ball game, learning new                                        commands, swimming. playing in the snow.

What Noah is like now:

Foods he likes: chicken,liver,popcorn,yogurt (although these are occasional treats).

Foods he dislikes: still doesn’t like banana’s

Activities he likes to do: Frisbee, any kind of ball game, swimming, finding sticks, and doing his bit for the environment, by finding as many plastic bottles as he can while on his travels. Going for long walks. Rubbing himself up against hedges and walls often to the point of walking into lamp-posts.

Noah enjoying swimming at Inverleith Pond

Noah has turned into a handsome chappie, who is very affectionate. He loves when you talk to him, giving  him cuddles and belly rubs. He’s very sociable with humans and wants to have all the attention at times. He loves children, and our neighbors Gran-child often comes to ask if Noah can come out to play. He’s not as sociable with dogs, although we are working on this.


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  1. i so loved your blog! glad to have stumbled upon you… 🙂

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