Aka Noah get’s a halter

well folks it’s been some time since I posted anything. It’s been a pretty stressful few months, on the plus side things can only get better. After suffering from lingering pain in my shoulders, I just had to do something about walking with Noah. After months of being haled all the way to the park, walks were beginning to become a bit of a pain.  As you may know Border Collies just don’t take to being on leads. Overall Noah is a pretty good dog, but not when he’s in such a rush to get to the park and play his favorite games of chasing balls, frisbee’s and whatever else he can find. So after some advice Noah and I took a trip to Pets at home and purchased a halter. Considering Noah is now over the age of 2 and never had anything put over muzzle, he did so good (I’m actually quite proud of him). The shop assistant actually said he should be a model (got quite a few shots of him doing this, one for another blog). So we have been doing a bit of training. Take a look at how cute he looks.



Noah had it fitted in the shop, then it was removed. Once home I got it out again, put it on and gave him a treat. The next day it was a very short walk over to the nearby playing field (5 mins from house). Noah was given a treat after I put it on. The good thing about a halter it doesn’t restrict the dog from eating, drinking, or in Noah’s case carrying his ball. Noah didn’t much like it at first but quickly realized he wasn’t getting anywhere fast. The halter was removed, and he was given a treat and he had a great time playing  ball. As he was so tired there was no need for him to wear it on the way home. The next day we went on a longer walk to the other park (which is other of his favorite places as it’s by water (another of his favorite pastime is swimming). Many a time I’ve had to wade in to fish out his frisbee. Again he tried to pull but quickly realized I wanted him to walk at heel. I have to say the training only took a couple of days. I wanted Noah to realize he would only be made to wear it if he began to pull.





Can’t believe training only took, overall a few days. Now Noah will walk beside you, often without a lead on. If he does walk away from you a warning is often enough, and the same if he is on a lead and begins to pull. After the second warning, the halter goes on. To be honest I’ve not had to do this too often.

I have my brother staying with me just now (back from living in Spain for 10 years). Noah just loves him to pieces. Can you get jealous if your dog begins to lavish attention on someone else??????

My handsome boy is truly a blessing. I’ve just come back from spending 3 weeks in London and boy did I miss him, especially visiting the big gardens of London.  Even though he missed me, I know he was well looked after by the family.


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5 thoughts on “Aka Noah get’s a halter

  1. My dog, Jake, loves it when my sister comes over, it’s like they have a natural bond. It’s maybe because she always brings loads of doggy treats for him. I do get jealous at times, but it’s for him to be around different people.

    • Hahaha yes my Noah loves getting attention from people and I agree that its good for dogs to have many people friends, just don’t like it when I get ignored hehehehe

    • Hahaha yeah my Noah loves to get attention. I’m so happy that he’s turned out such a friendly and happy dog. So I must be doing something right lol. :p

  2. Skye is exactly the same and we gave all these halter options a try while she was younger. She used to scratch her nose though, but I think we will maybe give it another go now.

    • Anything is worth a try to stop them pulling you all over the place lol. I still can’t believe the change in Noah, now i can walk him to the park without shoulder pain, he’s happy walking by my side often without a lead. One step out of line, or a little run over the road, it’s a warning he’s gonna get the halter on (that’s enough to make him behave lol) Good luck let me know how it goes (remember the biscuits lol). pop over to my photography page and let me know what you think. just click on the link at the side bar. Thanks :).

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