Christmas thoughts

Ready for santa coming

Ready for santa coming

Stressful day today went to the printers, the present for my niece (a 12×10 print of a horse with a frame….had my name chopped off halfway through my surname. Ended up going and buying another frame and making a border and signing the border… it actually ended up looking better than the original frame. (lesson for today never get your name printed on your photographs unless you really perfect it. Have slowly been getting used to using photoshop (so much more to learn) plus for the last 3 prints I ordered the wrong size 7×5 instead of 8×6. (got the calenders mixed up….did some at 7×5 and 2 others as 8×6). I just ended up using them. One was ok as it was for the front cover, but one for my brother 2 of the months have smaller prints.

My friend paid a visit late into the night. I have received my first present Skycig. Looking forward to being smoke free into the new year. no more smelling of smoke and the house smelling plus feeling a lot more healthier and richer. my friend was equally pleased at her pressie’s especially the handmade calender of prints of our time in jersey. The Calender I decided to do online for my daughter and boyfriend didn’t arrive in time despite waiting over 3 weeks. (next year they will get done in October).

These where taken when Noah was a few months old. the year we got lots of snow. Such fun times. pity we aren’t going to get a white Christmas this year. I much prefer it to snow than to rain (which we have been getting quite a lot of) it always looks so dark and dreary.

Noah enjoying his 1st snowy christmas

Noah enjoying his 1st snowy christmas

Noah a few months old

To every single one of you – I enjoy catching up, looking at pics, hearing about you and your family, sharing jokes, news, and ideas along with being inspired by so many creative people. I have learned much since starting this blog and have been really enjoying my new hobby.

All the presents wrapped and waiting to be opened

All the presents wrapped and waiting to be opened

There’s a few more presents added since taking this shot, now I’m getting proper excited.

Merry Christmas everyone. Hope you all enjoy your day. Cherish the moments you spend with family and friends and may you receive the true blessing of Christmas.

Right I better get to bed or SANTA won’t be coming lol

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