Phew made it to December

can’t believe its December all ready, how time passes by so quickly. I feel I’m not ready for Christmas. However fingers crossed I will manage to get everything done in time. I have managed to get some xmas shopping done, (more to follow today, pity it is now raining). all the cards made and signed. Calenders almost ready, boy that was pretty stressful. Trying out photoshop, finding it a bit complicated. Took me ages to pick out the prints I wanted; choosing different photos for people, editing, and putting a watermark on them only for the shop to chop most of my photos, editing out my name. Thought it was me so did some more editing, only for them to do the same thing, rendering most of the photos un-usable (Now I was getting mad, assistant completely useless) happy to get a refund but not happy that they held on to all my prints (I knew it was the fault of the printer). So I ended up going to another place that was recommended. They did an excellent job, and the guy gave me some useful hints on how to use photo-shop to get my name in the exact place for printing. Think next year I will do it all online (trying out one to see how it turns out) The other 6 I have done for family and friends has proven to be time consuming and expensive. Not that I mind toooooo much, I just hope they like them. Fingers crossed, this will be the first time I have used my photographs as gifts. (must start earlier the next time)

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