Another salsa Congress this time in Malta

November was a fantastic month for me apart from being my birthday I went to Malta for the first time and to stay in a 5* hotel, It was also the first time I have went to an international salsa congress. Not only was there over 2000 dancers from all walks of life, I had the chance to use my camera to get some shots of this beautiful Island.

My view over looking my balcony – each room had their own balcony

found the time to go for a stroll with the camera round my neck – thank goodness its a light model.

, The Only Sandy Beach Within The Valletta to Paceville

love these little boats

This boy captured my eye ( was trying to keep up with the man in front and looked so sweet carrying his own shopping bag)

One of the dancers enthusiastic to be in Malta and performing the following night

From this shot it looks like she is practicing her styling for her up coming performance

These look like African masks but could be mistaken, they may be Maltese. Did Maltese were masks, I don’t know, as I don’t know much about Maltese culture

one of my favourite shots, but think I overdid the editing – still playing about with photoshop. I think I have made it too harsh looking.

The main man from Latin Connection.

They maybe dancers but to show you men dancers are certainly not sissy, they are strong (these bags were really heavy)

stopping for a little break. getting some of the dancers to pose. Felt like a professional photographer on a photoshoot

a view of St George’s Barracks

it was a short distance down to the beach and the main shopping areas

For it being November it was still surprisingly warm although the beach was quiet

this building looks like a marina but was actually a restaurant overlooking the beach

wondered why there was so many buoys until finding out it will be to stop the sharks. Yikes just as well I don’t like swimming in the sea.

a view of the town from St George’s bay

This is the back view of the hotel to the left is where the main dance halls where and to the right is the spa area

I was captivated by this fisherman that i ended up taking a few shots, this is my favourite one.

glistering lights across the bay. Practiced taking some night shots, some editing needed and a lot of my shots were blurry certainly need more practice.

St Julians this area was quite difficult in places to walk over. It was quite rocky and had strange craters

went for a stroll after a very early breakfast, hadn’t been to bed yet

View from the front of the Corinthian Hotel

This won’t be a birthday I will ever forget. I spent time with such amazing people, danced like there was no tomorrow, the performers did such an amazing job entertaining everyone, the shows were amazing. I got such a buzz having the chance to dance with professionals. The Island is beautiful. I’m glad I went a day early before the congress started to go sight seeing. The Island is truly beautiful.

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