Noah’s 1st Holiday – Part 1

Well fellow  bloggers I have been promising you this post for a while now, I’ve finally got round to organizing  some of the many photos of our time at a caravan in Ettrick Valley.

We left on the saturday 13th October. The travel plans didn’t quite go to plan. I had originally planned to leave the day before, but as I was working I didn’t relish the thought of travelling late in the day (which was just as well I didn’t).  a good friend was planning a visit back to Edinburgh for that very weekend. So I went out dancing and enjoyed a catch up off her news of her settling into a new area and job. When I rechecked travelling plans that very night I found to my dismay there wouldn’t be a bus that would take us from Selkirk Town to Angecroft caravan park ; as I had originally thought. Apparently it’s only the local school bus they use, and as it was a Saturday there was no other means of transport to getting there. Lets just say I panicked, it was around 2 in the morning. I spent a restless night thinking how we were going to get there, finally after a few hours sleep and in the morning I called taxi firms in Selkirk to see if they would take us on the last leg of our journey.  At last I managed to get a firm that would gladly take Noah. So after a bit of lunch Noah and I set off. Noah didn’t like the bus journey – he must have thought where on earth we were going – as this was the furthest he had travelled . After arriving in Selkirk we walked around for a bit to give our legs a bit of a stretch, then when the rain began to get a little too heavy I called the taxi firm to come and get us. Noah and I spent the 4 days enjoying our walks and playing down by the river. The actual park Angecroft was in the middle of nowhere (no interent or mobile connection – bliss). Hills and forest were all around us. The caravan was beautiful. Just what I needed to charge the batteries. I would defiantly go back – maybe next time I would have learnt to drive.

Here is a collection of pics to show what a wonderful time Noah had. He was in his element – having the freedom to run around and play in the water (his favourite thing to do)

We both had the best time ever.

Apart from being slightly unsettled on the first night, Noah soon settled after enjoying many a good walk and play. We both left the caravan somewhat a little sad.

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