Noah 1st Holiday – part 2

Here’s more pics of our time at Angecroft Caravan Park. Apart from a little rain on the Saturday, it stayed fairly dry for the next couple of days. It rained heavily late on the Monday night, we didn’t care though as we were nice and cosy in the the caravan. We woke early in the morning to find it was still raining . After breakfast I decided to brave the rain, I wanted to enjoy our last day at the caravan, and my brother was arriving late afternoon with his 2 kids to stay overnight and drive us back home in the morning.





After a long walk we headed back to the caravan, to dry off. After some lunch I settled down to watch Anne of green gables boy that brought back my teenage years of memories. I so loved watching all the series and reading the books (despite not having internet or mobile connection we did have a small tv with many sky channels), and Noah he enjoyed being wrapped up in his fleecy blanket beside me.

My brother and nieces arrived just as it finished. The kids were hyper – they were so excited as my brother had kept it as a surprise. They both had no idea they were coming to see me let alone staying the night at the caravan.

The rain had stopped so we decided going out – we headed up to St Mary Loch














Darkness was creeping in, the girls were tired and hungry; our plan worked to tire them out and Noah was tired and hungry too; but would have gladly carried on playing. We all headed back to the car. Erin and I were laughing how we were the only ones to stay dry – thanks to my trusty fur lined wellies and her boots. My brother and niece Niamh had both managed to get one foot each wet. As I helped Niamh into the car I stepped back, and proceeded to unceremoniously fall into a ditch………..full of water.

Here was me with my butt wedged in water, I was laughing so much I couldn’t get up………………. and I couldn’t resist taking a picture. just as well the camera was around my neck and not in the camera bag – which was now in water too.


Stopping off for a bite to eat. The landlord welcomed Noah.


and me well i just had to sit through dinner with a wet behind……..but I really didn’t mind I had sooooooo much fun. Once the girls where in bed and Noah dozing by the fire my brother and I enjoyed a glass of wine. perfect ending to a short holiday……….. After arriving home the following, I had another kind of holiday to pack for.  A salsa congress in Jersey.

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One thought on “Noah 1st Holiday – part 2

  1. Genie

    I have a Border Collie with one blue eye and one brown eye too. 🙂

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