Oh what a week indeed

Just back from a little holiday with Noah up in the Scottish Borders – but that’s for another blog when I have time to sort through the many photos I took while I was there. We also had a little traveling problem and i will update you all soon I promise.

One thing I will say while I was away with no internet and no mobile phone, how wonderful it was to be unreachable it was no me, surrounded by hills, forests  a big river and Loch- which Noah loved playing and swimming in. A wonderful reflection time. It has been a very stressful time, these past 18 months, that I’m pretty sure is causing all the health problems I have been having. After a few days off pure bliss just me & dog, I’m feeling refreshed although my legs and feet are a bit achy from all the walking that I did.  Just hope they don’t give way as I have a salsa congress this weekend in Jersey.  I’m sure Noah is feeling the same, as he didn’t want to go out for a walk yesterday. Don’t get me wrong, I did miss my daughter, but it was nice to have sometime on my own. Now that I have updated my blog, I really must get to bed, I have an early morning flight to catch, I will keep you all, posted of my time there and of course show you my photographs.  After all it’s not just Noah that gets to have adventures. His owner needs some too.


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