A fond farewell



Conducting a service for Noodles the gerbil


After a very hectic week and a very stressful day on Friday, I came home to find one of our gerbils had died. To be honest the day before I did notice he was looking very lethargic and when I tried to feed him, he wasn’t interested. I did wonder when the gerbils would die, as they are nearly 5 years old, and I’ve been told they only live to around 3.

We started off with 3 (brothers) Souja Boy, Noodles & Disco biscuit. They are my daughter’s gerbils, but she stopped handling them a long time ago as they kept on biting her. Souja boy died the previous year, and now there is just Disco biscuit left. I feel sorry that he is all alone, but wouldn’t risk putting a new gerbil in.

Saturday morning the girls left me to sleep, it was Noah who woke me up, with him putting his wet nose on mine, took me a while to come to. However Noah wasn’t going to let me sleep in, he wanted out for the toilet and his breakfast NOW and in that order.

After breakfast and getting dressed the girls went into the back garden and chose a resting place for Noodles.

Erin making sure Noodles was indeed died

Erin asked to be the priest, she placed him gently into the ground, placed a flower on top of him and said a little prayer.

Final Goodbye’s

We then went to the park, I have to say the girls were well behaved, wish I could say the same about Noah.

Look no hands Auntie kaz

We all ended up being covered in nettle stings, after Noah taking his frisbee into the water. I would have been quite happy to leave it and buy him another one; however he refused to come out and he couldn’t manage to get it himself.  There was no way I was getting into cold, and dirty knee-deep water. So after hovering over the side of the burn and trying  to encourage Noah to get it. I ended up having to improvise – using a long weed thingy and the girls holding onto me. The first time I managed to haul it out of the water and before I could bring it to the bank – Noah grabbed it – only for him to drop it – further away and deeper water GRRRRRRRR.  However I did manage to retrieve it in the end.  Then went in search of a dock leaf. Why Noah decided to go running off just as we were near the gate entrance I will never know as he doesn’t usually go down in that area. We set off for home a little wet,  dirty and some nettle stings into the bargain.

Woo hoo I got my frisbee back again

Getting home a little later than what was expected, Their step-mum Debs was waiting with their baby sister February Rose. After some refreshments, the girls decorated a little tombstone for Noodles; Erin doesn’t want him to be dug up by some cat.

What the girls made for Noodles

Awwww bless, aren’t children wonderful. Oh and Noah you can forget taking your frisbee anywhere near water again.

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