stressful day

Although I don’t like to teach Noah bad habits, I think teaching him to do this would be well cool; especially to the bus driver who was so rude to us on the way to work Friday morning.

I was running a little late, not feeling so good and the thought of having to be on the bus for an hour to get to work wasn’t my idea of  fun. Don’t get me wrong, I love having Noah with me and he loves going to visit my brother; but some bus drivers are a pain in the ****.

The bus driver was obviously not a fan of dogs, as he was so rude. Noah just happened to move a little bit into the aisle and because a lady shuffled passed him, the driver got snappy. Then half way through the journey, Noah’s body was slightly turned and his head just happened to be in the aisle, when the driver turned round and said “I can’t believe I have to tell you again” – I mean there was no one getting on or off and if there was I would have moved him, if I thought no-one was able to get passed.

Noah hates being hemmed in, he begins to get agitated. he likes to be at the front of the bus (usually we sit in the pram or wheelchair sector; although we do move if needed). He likes to see where he is going. I have tried to move him in closer to me, but he just sits back up, and begins to fidget. At least he is better than what he was before. When he was younger he would get up every time someone was getting on or off the bus and want to say hi to anyone who even looked in his direction  and it didn’t matter that I was attached to him by his lead.

Well to top the day off, on the way back home another bus driver let on another dog and poor Noah was frightened – barking away like mad and shaking and this poor staffie just looking at Noah as if to say “mate calm doon I aint gonna hurt yah, despite what people say aboot oor breed – I am softie”

If that wasn’t enough our pet gerbil Noddles had died.

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2 thoughts on “stressful day

  1. Aw, I’m sorry you had a bad day but I really like that picture, hee hee. I’m very sorry about Noddles.

    • Thanx Bosun, They day ended on a high note with a visit from my nieces and noodles had a lovely little service the following day.

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