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Live like a dog!

Woke up this morning very early I may add – curtsy of my 2 nieces, with their little noses almost touching mine, with little whispers off  “We’re hungry”. How sweet, makes a change from Noah’s wet runny nose. What a beautiful sunny morning, the sun is shinning so brightly. It makes a lovely change, as for the past few days we have had rather a lot of wind and rain. The 1st thing I did, well after I fed the little hungry mites, was going on the computer checking emails and then logging onto Facebook. I came across this little post, well I just had to click and carry on reading. I thought I would share this with you all.

Story time again [Must READ] from powerful affirmations. Continue reading

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Sweet thoughts

After a very long day at work, I arrived home to find a lovely card from a little old lady that I work for.  Well in saying I work for her is an understatement of our relationship. I go to her house once a fortnight to help her to do the things she finds difficult to do – but that doesn’t mean she is frail, far from it. It doesn’t feel like work. She is like the grandmother I never had growing up and I love her to bits. I have known this lady for nearly 12 years. I share my thoughts and feelings with her and she is always interested in what is happening in my life. She has been there through the up & downs, and throughout always encouraging and giving me friendly advice. She has really built up my self- esteem. She never thinks of herself, only of others.  A kindred spirit, and the reason for the card; to wish me good luck for tomorrow as I have a hospital appointment – a procedure that I’m not looking forward to and if I have to be honest -I have been feeling sick with dread. Isn’t it wonderful for others to have you in their thoughts?

To My Kindred Spirit
by Todd-Michael St. Pierre

We share secrets, we laugh and even cry,

We have so much in common,

Concerns, likes and dislikes.

Ours is a relationship joined by

Tender velvet chains that link our

similar dreams of life and love.

A gentle intuition guides us in our

individual struggles to succeed

at the things we pursue, to stand

out from the crowd.

In you I have found so much of myself,

Including many of the same

Insecurities and philosophies.

Complete inner-peace and happiness,

These are the things I wish for you,

in the present and in the future

because you are my kindred spirit.

So I am going to take her good wishes, try to relax and get a goodnight rest.

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Wow – 1st nomination

Wow got home in the early hours of the morning after having an amazing time of dancing to find I have been nominated for the super sweet blog award. My 1st nomination how wonderful.

I would like to thank for nominating me. Its an honor to be nominated.

To accept this nomination, there are three requirements: A. Give credit and mention the person who nominated you for the award. B. Answer the Super Sweet questions: C. Nominate a baker’s dozen(13) bloggers to pay it forward to:


The Super Sweet Questions

1. Cookies or cake? cookies double chocolate chip

2. Chocolate or vanilla? easy has to be chocolate

3. What is your favorite sweet treat? mmm now that’s a hard one as there is so many sweet things I like.  I know on a fine summer’s day I like to have a knicker blocker glory made with a mixed selction of vanilla, strawberry and chocolate ice – cream.

4. If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be? Sugar

My Super Sweet Nominees








8. http://singingsparrows.wordpress.c7om/






Best wishes to all of my nominees and good luck :)

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Hello everyone

Well what a busy week its been, I feel like If been chasing my tail, roll on in 3 weeks time when I will have 12 days off work. I find myself jumping on the computer most days to check my blog, just to see if any new people are following, and then I think, I haven’t anything interesting to actually put on this site, because all I’ve done is work, clean the house, food shopping, short walk or play with Noah or go to my dance class- which to be honest feeling rather guilty as I haven’t spent much time with Noah, well not enough quantity of time as I would like.

When I don’t have to work that is.

I’ve actually had a great weekend, very productive. Dinner party Friday night, the food was amazing, and a great way of  catching  up with friends. Saturday; despite working part of the day managed to spend some time playing at the park with Noah and rounding the day of with a salsa event in the evening. Packing away the summer clothes to make room for the winter wardrobe. Love Autumn time its my favourite season. Then Sunday was spent at Dalkeith Country Park. I had a great time with Noah and getting to grips working the new camera.

Here’s a little selection of pictures I took with my new camera of our time spent there:

Wish there was more days in a weekend. Why did God have to finish everything in 6 days and only allowing 1 day of rest. I feel another busy week is just about to begin. Roll on next weekend – thinking a train ride for Noah’s next adventure.

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Quote of the day

Quote of the day

So true

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New purchase

Have decided the way forward to starting photography is to start of with a second hand camera and some handy tips to get me on my way to capturing decent photographs, and creating the time to do it. My inspiration was from a work colleague of mine, who gave up her job as a learning assistant to pursue her dream of becoming a professional photographer – a very talented one at that.

Have already booked this deal to get me started.Four-Hour Photography Walking Tour with Print

More importantly I needed a new camera. Late last night, I just happened to be on Ebay looking at cameras. Wish I had the money just to go out and buy a new camera, but for a decent one it is pretty expensive and I’ve already bought quite a few things on the mastercard. 0000ps. However I have purchased a

Panasonic G1 DMC-G1K Lumix

The deal I got on Ebay

I also bidded on a Canon EOS 450D Digital SLR but prices were going to high. I don’t know too much about Panasonic’s just hope I’ve made a good choice. The camera is only 14months old, been assured its in very good condition and comes with lots of extra’s.

Fingers crossed I get to grips using it – Excited, should be here by next week; in time for going on holiday with Noah to Angecroft Park in Ettrick in the October break.

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A fond farewell



Conducting a service for Noodles the gerbil


After a very hectic week and a very stressful day on Friday, I came home to find one of our gerbils had died. To be honest the day before I did notice he was looking very lethargic and when I tried to feed him, he wasn’t interested. I did wonder when the gerbils would die, as they are nearly 5 years old, and I’ve been told they only live to around 3.

We started off with 3 (brothers) Souja Boy, Noodles & Disco biscuit. They are my daughter’s gerbils, but she stopped handling them a long time ago as they kept on biting her. Souja boy died the previous year, and now there is just Disco biscuit left. I feel sorry that he is all alone, but wouldn’t risk putting a new gerbil in. Continue reading

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stressful day

Although I don’t like to teach Noah bad habits, I think teaching him to do this would be well cool; especially to the bus driver who was so rude to us on the way to work Friday morning.

I was running a little late, not feeling so good and the thought of having to be on the bus for an hour to get to work wasn’t my idea of  fun. Don’t get me wrong, I love having Noah with me and he loves going to visit my brother; but some bus drivers are a pain in the ****.
Continue reading

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Update on justice for Cody

For anyone who read my last blog dated 2nd September about Cody the Border Collie who was doused in lighter fuel and set alight, has sadly lost the battle. Image

almost 2 weeks ago this brave Girl suffered terrible burns. I can’t imagine the pain she went through. I was willing her to survive. She showed tremendous courage. I followed her story on her facebook page, she continued to go downhill since the start of the weekend. The family received the sad news that Cody just didn’t have any more fight in her and the vets did all they could. I feel so sorry for the family. This was a young dog that had many years of a good and happy life ahead of her. It makes me so angry that people can commit such a heinous offence.

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A piece of Paradise


Someone had the same thought as me!

A couple of weeks ago, after a long day at work, I collected Noah from my brother’s who looks after Noah sometimes when my daughter can’t. It’s quite handy as my brother stays close to my work.  After a well deserved cup of coffee, decided it was time to set off for home, but as it was such a lovely summer’s evening, instead of going for the bus we walked to Inverleith Park.  It’s a nice well maintained park with lots to entertain Including a children’s play area, duck pond with reed bed complete with boardwalks, small garden area, allotments, bowling greens, rugby pitches and good paths. There are some lovely views from above the duck pond.

Noah swimming in Inverleith Pond

After spending some time at the park and Noah swimming in the pond, I was getting rather hungry, and as it takes over an hour to get home decided it was best to start heading home. We walked up to Stockbridge.  Stockbridge is a beautiful little village in the heart of  Edinburgh City. Shrouded in ancient history.

However as we got to the crossroads, Noah was pulling on the lead to go the opposite way, of where our bus stop was. Noah had only been in that area once before and had done the exactly the same thing. Well curiosity got the better of me and decided to go where he was pulling me.

First we came across this Arch, and as we went through, on the other side; there was a lady taking a boot style exercise class. It was rather funny as Noah was trying to go up to people and give him his stick that he had found, so between this woman barking orders, most had stopped to admire Noah.


I soon saw this walk was a continuation of the water of Leith walkway. I had only ever been on the opposite side of this walk (from Stockbridge to Leith), or on sections at Dean Village.

It was a good opportunity to take some pictures, between Noah playing and disturbing a few school girls sitting on some rocks down by the water.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It was a beautiful stretch of the walkway, and one day I think we will do the whole lot.

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