Girls can’t throw – FACT

“Mummy you’re useless”

Although I’m getting slightly better at playing Frisbee from what I was before, I think I need more practice playing ball.

This was taking while out in the garden playing

I remember the first rope ball I got Noah. Off we went walking to the park and halfway there on a little pathway – I throw the ball – only for it to land up in a tree.There was no way of getting to the tree as it was blocked by a fence. Anyway there was no way I was climbing over a 8 foot fence and up a 30 foot tree. I think I’ve lost 3 more that way. Although I have tried to stay as far away from trees as I can, it hasn’t stopped me losing them elsewhere. Just as well Noah is now getting quite good at finding them.

Which got me thinking about a funny article I read. How to Throw Like a Boy if You’re a Girl.

The worst insult a boy can give another boy is “you throw like a girl” but not all girls throw like they have never thrown a ball before. Some girls throw harder than boys, so if you’re a girl who can’t throw hard, this is the perfect article for you.

The article gives a step by step on how to throw a ball correctly (like a boy?)

Well I guess I better start training, as for:

1. I don’t go getting them stuck up in anymore trees

2. It might stop Noah running to all the boys in the field.

Noah patiently waiting while I stop laughing and grab the camera.

The past couple of days I have been sorting through photos, doing some editing and changing the layout of my blog. I’m pleased with how it is looking. Feel free to comment if you wish.

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2 thoughts on “Girls can’t throw – FACT

  1. I love the look of the blog, especially the gallery down the side.

  2. Thank you

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