Dirty Dirty Dog!




What a hectic week it’s been. Glad it’s Friday. Decided instead of a long walk I would take Noah down to the playing field not far from where we live, to play ball. Big mistakerunning around playing wasn’t a problem, until I said “It’s time to go”. I walked away saying goodbye – usually he comes running. Oh no not tonight, when all I really wanted to do, was get some shopping, have my dinner and put my weary legs up. Not Noah he then decided he was thirsty and preceded to find a mud hole, not only did he drink from it, he plonked himself down in it. After calling him again and when I seen him come running towards me, I groaned. He was very dirty it didn’t end there, when I asked where his ball was, he led me back up to the playing field. Yip you’ve guessed it, to the mud hole. Well I didn’t see it; I had a good look nearby, nope, looked inside the mud hole, nope. Oh Noah was adamant it was there. “Well Noah I can’t see it, and there’s no-way I’m sticking my hand to rummage about in there, I can’t see it; it’s not there” I said. When I went to walk away, Noah began to paw at the mud – yip it was there all right – caked in slimy stinking mud. Well I made him carry it all the way home, there was no way I was carrying it. A very important reminder to myself. Take the blooming water the next time.

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