Bath time

Oh no it’s that time again when your dog is dirty/smelly.

Do not let them in the house only joking. Wipe off excess dirt with an old towel. Handy if you keep one by the door. Before you go out.

“What do you mean I can’t come in”

Leave your dog by the door as you, go and run a bath. Do not be tempted to let them in, no matter how loud they protest.

Noah protesting at being kept at the door!

Prepare the bathroom. Run a warm bath, not too hot, not too cold. Use old towels to line the bathroom floor (you don’t want any accidents – either by you slipping or your dog).

Prepare the bathroom, ensure you use lots of towels

Retrieve your dog, where you left them. Hopefully after hearing the water running, they haven’t escaped.

Noah fed up waiting

Lead your dog to the bathroom, making sure he doesn’t brush against the walls. Encourage your dog to jump into the bath if they don’t; pick them up and place them gently into the water.

“I didn’t think I was that dirty to need a bath”

Wet your dog thoroughly, then use a generous amount of shampoo and lather up well.

Oh I hate getting my face washed

Empty the water in the bath, and rinse your dog very well using a shower head, ensuring the water is tepid.

“Am I finished YET”

Leaving your dog in the bath, quickly wrap him/her in a big towel, before he/she shakes, soaking you and everything else in sight.

“Can I come out now, I’M HUNGRY”

Encourage your dog to jump out the bath. Ensuring they don’t slip. Let he/she help with drying.

Noah help with the drying stage

Once you have dried most of your dog, move through to a more comfortable room, either a bedroom or living room.

“What do you mean I have to get blow dried”

Its handy to blow dry your dog, especially if there coat is long, thick, or shaggy. Either that or they will be rubbing themselves along your walls, or finding the nearest rug or bed. If your dog is scared of the hair dryer, slowly get them used to it. Giving small treats help.

“Chin up Noah”

Have your dog sit, easier instead of chasing them around the room

“Blooming heck, you’ve got it on the cold setting, I want warm”

and remember to thoroughly dry underneath.

Once your dog is lovely and dry and smelling nice. Clean up the mess they have created.

“What do you mean I have to wait till you tidy up before I get MY DINNER”

Last step. Have a well deserved treat. Mine is a bar of chocolate

My well deserved treat

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